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Ahoy all you Landlubbers!
That's right shipmates we're back in panto 
(Oh yes we are)
Gather ye round for a tale saltier than an old sea dog as the crew of the ever popular ‘Police Panto’ set sail once again from the St Lawrence College Theatre in Ramsgate.
Come along with us 22-24 February 2024, to the little seaside town of ‘Widdle on the Water’. Where you can joke along with Jim, meet Ma Tar, join Jack, Long John and Patch. Help to rescue Rose, and Curse and boo Captain Crook
Help us to follow Captain Blackhead’s treasure map from Ma Tar’s tavern to the sunny shores of Treasure Island as we try our best to avoid cut-throats, vagabonds, naughty natives, and a rather amorous gorilla!  
So, batten Down the hatches and be prepared to have your swash buckled, your timbers shivered, and your barnacles blistered!
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