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Our History.


The Pantomime Group was formed in 1998 by Alan Davison (an ex traffic Policeman) and Ken Pickett (also an ex Policeman). They worked together to produce a "one off show" that was put on at the Theatre Royal in Margate in January of 1999. It was performed by serving police officers from Thanet, who in their own time, worked tirelessly to produce a fantastic show!


Due to the success of the first show, and the large amount of charity money raised, it was decided to put on a charity panto for the local community each year until they got fed up with us. Over the years our heroes have vanquished many a foe and rescued dozens of damsels. Our Panto Dames have performed many dodgy ditties and dances. We have probably produced more custard pies than Mr. Kipling.


With public support, we have been able to raise many thousands of pounds for local and national charities over the years. We long hope to continue this great tradition with you the great British public firmly behind us (Oh yes you are!) Please continue your generous support.  Thank you all the boys and girls and mum's and dads out there.

Alan Davison - Wor Al

Founding Member and Director

31 May 1951 to 16 May 2022

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